I'll Smile When I'm Slim

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SW: 85kg 190pounds
GW 1: 80kg
GW 2: 75kg

Hey I'm 13, I'm overweight, I'm unhappy about that, but I'm optimistic for whats about to begin! Sweat will be my closest allie, my school's vending machine my enemy. I will do it, I know it. I want to. I will be healthy, and you better believe that I will BE SMILING WHEN I'M SLIM XO

This is Megan Parken, she is a VERY well-known youtube beauty guru. She is amazing and has a lot of class, elegance, beauty and is just a lovely person.

Lately she has been working out more and eating healthy and LOOK AT THE RESULTS!


She’s toned and slim, but not skinny. She still has her curves. She has lost a lot of weight, and she looks and FEELS great! This is my fitspo. She doesn’t only inspire me physically, she also is one of the nicest most kind people and she inspires me to be a good person too.


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